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Foundation Update

Sorry for the long silence and thanks for your patience everybody! The exciting news of course is that we were (and still are) working hard on new updates for Catch & Release and we are proud to announce the (Steam) public beta of the Foundation Update today. As the name implies this is just the foundation we will build upon with our next updates. And I know that you guys want to know what those updates are and what the content is... but we will announce this as we develop and release them. Leave a little surprise :)

Anyways... first update, some fundamentals that needed fixing and adding.... and onwards and upwards!

We did change a lot under the hood. A major engine upgrade is just one of those changes. We also incorporated a lot of your usability feedback:

- Multiple save slots - Option for imperial units - Option to disable Snap turn - Separate SFX and ambience audio settings - (Re)moving the 'Reset game' button.

And made a lot of other usability improvements:

- Complete shop overhaul - Menu overhaul - Performance improvements ...

Join our public beta channel on Discord for a full list or any other feedback you want to share or discuss. The invite for the channel is:

As always - with big changes there is the risk of unforeseen bugs and glitches. That's why we invite you all to participate in the public beta.

How to participate: 1. Right click the game in your Steam library 2. Select Properties > BETAS > beta - beta 3. Backup your savegames: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata[steam ID]\679750\remote 4. Post your feedback in the #public-beta channel

We are happy to announce that the Foundation Update is out NOW for everyone on all Platforms! It is also available on PS4 in Asia starting today! Thanks to everybody that helped with testing the public beta. This is the foundation stuff we needed to do before the rest comes.... YES, there is more to come in the following months!


v.1.2.0 (3738832) - Foundation Update

- Unity engine upgrade (2018.3) - Added save slots - Added Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Korean (PS4) - Added option for imperial units - Shop overhaul ------ Added index of content to jump to sections ------ Improved usability ------ Improved readability - Game menu overhaul ------ Added separate sliders for Master, SFX and Ambience ------ Added haptic feedback for UI interactions ------ Fixed menu cursor sorting issue ------ Fixed UI hover animations sometimes not being triggered - Improved performance - Added waterplane - Added option to disable snapturn - Improved interaction in general - Added haptic feedback for co - Fixed minor bugs

(VR) Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it…

Good Catch! The team!

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